Yosemite - Kaz Canning
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Emerald Twilight

Emerald Twilight

Around the rim of Yosemite Valley is a one of a kind ecosystem, that is nearly 100% different from whats found only a half mile down the valley walls. 100' tall Pine Trees stand like barriers around the high altitude meadows in the Sierra's. The abundance of different animals is matched by the amount of different plants. Small clusters of green stalks sprouting from the ground caught my attention. These Corn Lillies (no relation to actual corn) were so saturated compared to their surroundings I knew I had to take a photo. This particular group of plants was perfect for what I needed, but the mid day sun was too harsh to capture the soft curves of the plants, so I returned 4 separate times my first day in the park. About a half hour after the sun hid behind the mountains was exactly what I needed. With the sky dimming, I had to work fast to capture this moment. The photo turned out better than I could've imagined. The perfection of the new sprouts was unique from any plant I've seen before.

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