Yosemite - Kaz Canning
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Frosted Valley

Frosted Valley

Shooting in the snow was unlike anything I've ever tried before. Having never really seen it before, I had to think on my toes to try to get the right shots. I found that while the snow and frost was absolutely amazing, it was much more difficult to shoot in. Any footprint in the snow created imperfections in the scene, and the typical colors I look to highlight in my scene simply weren't there anymore. I had to look for spots people hadn't walked, and I looked for scenes highlighting the warm colors of the granite walls. I'm not sure if this spot has a specific name, but after hours of searching for a great sunset location, this was perfect. The orange glow from the valley walls helped bring a unique color to the cool blue surroundings of the snow. I made sure to take a photo with a long exposure to keep the water looking smooth to highlight the reflected light from El Capitan.

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