Yosemite - Kaz Canning
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Morning Dew

Morning Dew

After an early trip to tunnel view in Yosemite, we headed down into the valley to relax in one of the meadows and enjoy the sunrise. As we walked through the knee high blades of grass and wildflowers, the grass caught my eye. Each one of the thousands of blades of grass had dew, from the chilly night before, resting on the tips of each piece. I had to attach a special piece to my lens so I could get right up next to these microscopic water drops. I had to work quick before, if the sun got too high in the sky, I would lose the brilliant specks of sunshine in each of the drops. I searched for the perfect blades of grass that could express the small scale of the drops while keeping an interesting scene. The last photo I took of the grass ended up being one of my favorites from that morning. Two blades of grass with a "starburst" at their highest point, were connected by a small strand of a spiderweb, and the thousands of other dew drops can be seen shining in the background.

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