Yosemite - Kaz Canning
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This was one of the first photos I took while I was out in Yosemite Vally's bitterly cold winter. We made it there just in time for sunset, but due to Yosemite being a deep valley, the typical sunset photos aren't quite the same. I walked through some shin-deep snow in one of the meadows to some trees in the distance. The freezing cold temperatures covered the trees in a fragile layer of frost. They looked like something you'd only see in a storybook. I wanted to capture these trees the first night I was there because the frost could melt away the following day if it got warm enough. It took a little bit of searching for the right angle to show these trees with their surroundings. As I walked around, the last beams of light were creating a warm glow on the highest point of Cathedral Rock. As I positioned myself to capture this moment I noticed the frosted trees appear to almost lean and reach towards the sunny peak, and I knew I had my shot. One last decision I made was to actually capture this scene with a panorama, making sure I had every last detail in the small shards of ice clinging to the trees. Everything from the minuscule ice, to the towering mountain made this a special photograph for me.

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