Nature - Kaz Canning
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It's hard to really understand the vastness of Death Valley without making your own journey through the park yourself. We stayed in the park, but the location I had in mind was still a 4 hour drive from where we were. To get there before sunset, we left before 3pm. Driving 2 hours along a deserted road, where a small dirt road forked off, leading 27 miles into the mountains. That dirt road was one of the roughest experiences of my life. 2 hours straight of rough washboards, loose gravel and hazardous pointed rocks. Being out in the middle of death valley, the hottest place on earth, in the middle of the summer is no small undertaking, so we were extra careful to make sure nothing punctured the tires on the way out. Once we saw this dried lake bed out in the distance, the whole trek out was immediately worth it.

It's been a dream of mine to see this these rocks since I was a kid. I had always read about how they move across this lake bed by themselves, leaving trails behind them in the mud, and now I was finally able to see them in person. As we got out of the car, it was a race to find the best rocks before the sun went down. Some rocks didn't have trails behind them, some trails weren't impressive, and some trails were missing rocks. But this rock stuck out to me, it had a 100 yard trail making a distinct "S" in the soil, so when night fell, I set up my camera to capture the rocks like I had never seen before. Because the summer is so unbearably hot, a photo of these rocks during "Milky Way" season is incredibly rare. And without a person around for 20 miles, I was the only one to capture this amazing sight.

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