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Lone Galaxy

Lone Galaxy

In early August this year, conditions to view the night sky were better than they have been in over half a decade. The new moon ensured a perfectly dark night, allowing for the stars to shine. The Perseids Meteor Shower was at its peak, with bright pieces of comet dust lighting the sky. And the jewel of the summer sky, the Milky Way, had its core completely viewable with the naked eye.

Cameras are amazing at night, they can show you more in the dark than what your eye could ever see. Leaving the sensor exposed to the dull light of the night sky reveals what you're truly missing. With this photo, I attached an ultra wide angle fisheye lens, to capture as much of the night sky I could in one photo. I positioned myself to capture the Milky Way arching above this lone tree in a field high up in the mountains. I left the camera perfectly still for 30 seconds, gathering far more light than the human eye can see. As I viewed this image for the first time that night, I knew that this was instantly one of my favorite photos I made from that night.

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