Desert - Kaz Canning
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The Racetrack

The Racetrack

This is the first of several photos I got from this remote location in Death Valley. The Racetrack Playa is an incredibly remote spot in the valley, from our hotel in the park it was still an 8 hour round trip drive to this dried lake bed, including a bone rattling 54 miles of dirt washboards. When we arrived right at sunset, the last visitors of the day left, leaving me and my girlfriend the only people around for miles.

As we walked out onto the lake bed, these rocks stuck out in stark contrast to the completely flat playa. We walked for miles to find the best rocks to photograph, this was one of them. The rocks in this valley are unique to anywhere else in the world.Despite weighing nearly 100 pounds, these "Sailing Rocks" still manage to move, leaving these trails stretching for hundreds of feet behind them.

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