Desert - Kaz Canning
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This was my first stop on a 1,500 mile road trip through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. After a brutal 13hour, 1,000 mile drive from San Antonio to Alamogordo, I finally made it to my destination. White Sands National Monument, stands out like a sore thumb in the desert. As the name would suggest, the sand is pristine white, even more pure than what you'd expect to find at a white sand beach. I arrived at 3 in the morning and waited for the first sign of sunrise over the mountain peaks. When the sun started shining on the dunes, the small ripples in the sand appeared contrasted by the dark blue sky, creating an other-worldly scene. As I ran through the dunes, racing the rising sun, I set my tripod down and saw this scene that would best represent the extraordinary expanse of these sand dunes.

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