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To Whom it may concern,

My name is Kaz Canning, I'm a photographer based right here in San Diego, currently residing nearby in the Ramona area. I've been using photography and videography as my sole source of income for the last two years, currently making roughly $52,000 across both fields. I'd be looking for a slightly lower salary in the range of $42,000 to $47,000 exchanging higher pay for more consistent income.  I'm a very hopeful candidate for your position I saw listed on your website. I browse your website from time to time in hopes of seeing a photographer position open, and today was the day the persistence paid off!

J!NX is one of the few places that I constantly check in on for job listings, not only because of the great culture of the company but being able to mix two of my favorite visual fields (photography and video games) really would be my ideal career. And those are two fields that rarely mix! Photography has been my number one passion for over a decade now, and the opportunity to make it a career and spread my love of photography while helping growth at a company is exactly the route I want to take.

I've been a photographer and videographer nearly my entire working life, getting my first job (part time) as a photographer's assistant at age 15, where I was responsible for transporting, and setting up strobes for on location and studio photography sessions, and shot many sporting events myself. For the last six years I've been working full time doing visual media full time and freelance, doing everything from shooting infomercials, designing packaging, creating social media content, and traveling the country to do it all.

The one thing that I have specialized in is being a camera operator, in both video and photography. Especially over the last few years, my freelance work has taken front seat. Just this last Friday I worked with a client up in Huntington beach to photograph high-end car parts they manufacture and help make them web ready for them to quickly put online. Then on Sunday, I worked with the Rancho Bueno Vista High School cheer team, taking portraits and team photos for the 30+ girls on the team, which I'm currently in the process of editing on Adobe's Creative Cloud products.

Believe me when I say, working as a photographer for J!NX has been on my short list of places I would truly love to work at here in San Diego. Hopefully, my resume and portfolio will show you that I more than meet the requirements to fill this position at your company. I would love to be able to meet face to face when you have an opportunity to be able to share more about myself that I wasn't able to list here and to finally see the J!NX workspace in person. Thank you for taking your time to read this and checking my portfolio online, I really appreciate it!

Kaz Canning

Portfolio for J!NX

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