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Travel Video

When my wife and I get the opportunity, we like to travel and make fun short films from the trips. This one was from earlier this summer when we took a trip to the Azores, a small island chain off the coast of Portugal. We were on this island for just one full day, exploring and filming with my a7siii and my DJI Mavic Air.

Editing and Motion Graphics

This is a major project that I worked on with our team at my last job. Our company filmed at edited over 100 educational real estate related videos for this company. While it was a lengthy process it get it all done, we were with them every step of the way, from filming, coming up with branding, designing the motion graphics, and implementing the same look across over 100 videos. I worked with 2 other editors to complete the group of videos, which required us to communicate extremely well to ensure that all of our videos had a consistent look and feel from beginning to end.

Color Grading

Color grading is one of my favorite parts of  the projects I work on. It's that last step that takes the flat footage and turns it into something special and unique. This is a sample from another travel video my wife and I made, but showing the before and after grading. I've been shooting almost exclusively in Slog-2 and Slog-3 for the past 7 years, so grading has always been an incredibly important part of my workflow.

Wedding Video

I also shoot an occasional wedding for people we know. It's a perfect mix of high stress shooting to make sure you get it right, and making the day look incredible.

Ecosystem Explainer Video

I work very closely with a small crypto project creating nearly all of their outward facing media, including marketing videos, explainer videos, memes, and other general content. This was by far the most intensive project I worked on for them. I essentially did the entire project myself. I wrote the script, came up with the visuals to explain the concepts, and created the entire video using after effects. This video is used multiple times a day for new investors in the project to understand the scope of the project.

Meme Video

This is one more example from the previous project I work with. A short video used for social media, made completely in after effects using material sourced online. I had the concept for this video and turned it around in just one day of working on it. This has been an extremely well received video within the social media community for the project.

3D Content

I have dabbled in 3d motion graphics on and off for the last few years. I know enough to make some nice looking text graphics. While I still wouldn't consider myself an expert at it, I've been working to learn as much Cinema 4D every day when I get home from work, building my skills rapidly.

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