Coin Market Cap

RBXchange Commercial

This is part of an advertisement campaign I was hired to help with for a crypto project. It's close to completion at this point, just a few more things to be added. With the exception of just a single 3d model downloaded, I modeled, animated, and rendered everything in this video from scratch to help show a decentralized exchange's  capabilities.

Rocketbunny Ecosystem Explainer

This is an explainer video I put together for another crypto project using after effects. I After learning the points the project wanted to hit, I wrote a script, hired VO, and animated the entire video myself. This was an extremely effective video for the project, being able to easily point to this video and explain all of the products they offered.

RBX Recruitment Video

This is a recruitment video I was hired to make for a crypto company. They requested the video to be modeled after a scene from Starship Troopers, except rabbit themed, to go along with their branding. I created all of the 3d elements from scratch, and animated the rabbit scenes in a 3d environment in after effects.

Rady Children's Hospital

Unrelated to crypto, but still a fun project to work on. We were hired by a children's hospital in San Diego to create a stop motion video for a retirement of a long term employee. I shot the timelapse with high resolution RAW photos from an a7r3, and created the timelapses in after effects, and importing the timelines to Premiere Pro for the editing process.

Travel Video

My wife and I love to travel when we're able to. This was one of several videos we shot on our trip last summer to the Azores.

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